Filmmaking by the lake

[huge_it_video_player id=”1″][huge_it_video_player id=”1″]This is a rather strange tagline but it happens to be true. My great great aunt bought a property in the 1920s with the plan to build a lodge. In the end, only the main cabin was built. It was intended to be an evening gathering spot and was built in the lake. It seems that one of her builders was Mr. Right but he did not want to be an innkeeper so….

They kept it as their summer home and eventually it became my home. We preserve over 24o feet of lakefront as an important riparian zone and have the rest of the property registered officially as a managed forest with the goal of habitat preservation and sustainable firewood (Most of what dies, gets to keep us warm but some gets left standing as habitat. We have been rewarded with a wide variety of wildlife taking shelter.

Building the ParQuin Lakehouse from Mike Milton on Vimeo.